The anorexia of existence

The anorexia of existence

translated by Katerina Anghelaki-Rooke

I am not hungry, I am not in pain, I don’t stink.
Maybe I suffer deep inside
and don’t know it.
I only pretend to laugh
I don’t desire the impossible
nor the possible;
bodies forbidden for me
don’t satiate my glance.
At the sky I look sometimes
full of desire
at the moment the sun withdraws its shine
and the azure lover surrenders
to the spell of the night.
My only contribution
to the whirlpool of the world
is my steady breath.
But I also fell another
weird contribution:
an agony suddenly seizes me
for the human pain
that stretches over the earth
like a ritual tablecloth
soaked in blood:
it covers myths and gods
it is identical to life
and is eternally reborn.
Yes, I want to cry now
but even the source of my tears
has dried out.

  The anorexia of existence, Kastaniotis Publications, Athens 2011

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