Life-long face

A Mythical Day

translated by Tzoutzi Mantzourani


You liar world!
What do you care if
This story is more juicy
Than it should

What if it started
In the year
One thousand nine hundred and seventy four
In the end of January

What if, the school’s uniform has been torn?
One day at noon in the sage bush
Or if the floor cracked
From life-long faces
That found the door open
And came in

What if, even the circle of the sun
Closed in the snow
In an iron-strict discipline
Perfectly hidden
Under the suspicion
Of a whisper

In the center of the frame
The sky was for everyone
An open wound
The little black pinewood
Was leaning awry
Some people were mocking at
The moon lighting
Hanged in clothes pegs
Just another version of the century.


     A Mythical Day, Endymion Editions, Athens, 2014

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